problems & diseases

By breed rats myself. This gives me a garantee for always having enough food of a superb quality. 

Food of a superb quality is first principle for keeping snakes healthy. For that reason I feed my rats with quality brand food

The rats are kept in a group of one male with four females for all their lives. Keeping them in such a group and in a housing that is spacious reduces stress a lott. To  reduce stress even more I never take out a complete litter but allways leave a few youngsters behind. 

When, after two years the litters become smaller I take the complete group out. of breeding.

I breed mice to feed the juvenile snakes untill they are big enough to accept naked rats. To afoid the specific smell that mice produce I only breed with multi-nipple mice. 

These mice are also kept in constant groups (two males and six females) in spacious housing. I offer them plastic tubes for shelter and a place to have their litter. It is a effective way to reduce stress. Less stress means larger litters.