On sale

  • Just for the record: I’m not a commercial breeder
  • Offspring will stay with me for at least several months.
  • If there are (feeding) problems I want to solve them first.

  • I sell snakes, not problems
  • I’m interested in unrelated animals of the species that I keep to create new bloodlines.
  • If you want to sell or exchange captive bred juvenile animals let me know.

Sanzinia Madagascariensis:

Belgium captive bred male on sale:
Born in July 2010 and in my possession since October 2010.
Problem-free animal, length is approx. 1.80 metres.

On sale because I have no intentions to breed with this species and it is a pity not to use such a beautiful animal for breeding..

Price is 350 Euro. (including exchange form and CITES papers) Reservations can be made for Hamm if you are willing to pay a deposit of 100 Euro.