My Animals

Corallus hortulanus is my favourite (boa) species but I’m also charmed by the other species in my collection. It is especially the difference in behaviour and the diversity between species that I like; from small (Lamprophis aurora) to large (Boa constrictor imperator) and from (sub)tropical species to snakes that keep a winter-rest (Bogertophis subocularis)

I’m always interested in unrelated animals of the species that I keep to create new bloodlines. If you want to sell or exchange captive bred juvenile animals let me know.

Corallus hortulanus:

Corallus hortulanus is my favourite species. I bought my first captive bred juveniles in 1997 and I kept CHH in my collection ever since.

I like them because of there character, there silhouette and the fact that they are poly-morph. The variety of colours you can find in one and the same litter is often amazing.

These pictures give a good impression of the colours I have in my collection. Yellow and orange are the colours I breed mostly.

Bogertophis subocularis (blond phase):

The blond phase of Bogertophis subocularis was on my wishing list for several years before I was able to buy an unrelated juvinele couple in 2012.
They show themselves a lot and are very curious about everything around them. I really like them checking me out every time I’m around..

a picture of my adult male

All seven eggs hatched

An one and a half year old juvenile

Corallus caninus:

I bought my 1.2 unrelated Corallus caninus juveniles in 2015.
The females are Dutch- and the male is German captive bred.

The first breeding attempt was in 2020-2021.

Gonyosoma oxycephalum:

It took me years, but in 2010 I found my first couple of Gonyosoma oxycephalum. They are captive bred and and I exchanged them with somebody from Switzerland who was looking for Corallus hortulanus.

These are beautiful, active and alert snakes. The last picture shows one in the defence mode..

Lamprophis aurora:

Another specie that has been on my wishing list for ages before I was able to buy these small but beautiful animals in 2012.
It’s a (nice) challenge to get the juvenile starting to eat.

an adult female

length 11 cm and weight 3 grams by birth..

about one year old, 11 grams and 21 cm long

Boa constrictor imperator:

Boa constrictor has always been one of my favourite snakes. I bought this female in 2015 as a juvenile with no intentions to breed with her.
Her length is approximately 2 metres now an it is handy to have her around to feed the adult rats to when they are taking out of the breeding programs.

Morelia viridis:

This Morelia viridis (ARU) is the oldest snake in my collection. He was born in 1994 and I bought him at the age of 2 months. I bred successfully with him several times. Although my females died years ago I decided to keep him as long as he doesn’t need a wheelchair..

Zamenis situla:

I bought a beautiful unrelated couple at the Snakeday 2021. The female is born in Juli 2021, the male in August 2021.