Lamprophis aurora 2022

Lamprophis aurora was on my wishing list for ages before I was able to buy this unrelated couple at the Snakeday 2012.
It’s a (nice) challenge to get the juvenile starting to eat.

April – June 2022:

I introduced the male to the female from March 29. I removed the male again on May 1 after concluding that the female was pregnant.

A box with moist sphagnum was placed inside her terrarium. She explored the box with much interest and on May 14 she laid 10 eggs. One egg was infertile and another six eggs turned out to be infertile after a week in the incubator. The other three eggs looked okay.

July – September:

Early July I removed one of the eggs because it was shrivelled.
Two juveniles hatched from the remaining eggs on July 6. Their length is approximately 11 centimetres and they weight 3 grams.

Two weeks later one of them after shedding accepted the first feeding I offered!

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