Gonyosoma oxycephalum 2022

It took me years, but in 2010 I was able to buy my first couple of captive bred Gonyosoma oxycephalum.
At the moment I have one male (May 2018) and two females (January 2010 and November 2018).

January – March 2022:

The 2010 female had a litter of 4 eggs on December 30. The eggs are lying in moist sphagnum in the incubator at 29 degrees Celsius.

On March 24 the same female laid another seven eggs including an infertile one. She has been separated from the male since December 12 last year so if these eggs are fertile they must have been fertilized with sperm from earlier matings.

April – June 2022:

On April 8, after 99 days in the incubator all four eggs from the December litter hatched. All four look good and are relatively large in size.

On May 12 another mating was observed.


July – September 2022:

On July first the 2010 female laid a litter of three eggs. One was infertile and was removed from the incubator a few days later.

Between July 5 and July 8 (after 103 – 106 days) three juvenile hatched from the seven eggs litter. Two other eggs had a full-grown but dead youngster and the last two eggs were infertile. One of the juvenile died after a seven days. The other two are doing well.

Much to my surprise the 2010 female laid another litter of three good looking eggs on July 15..

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