Corallus hortulanus 2022

Corallus hortulanus is my favourite species. I bought my first captive bred juveniles in 1997 and I kept CHH in my collection ever since.

January – March 2022:

I decided to breed this year with two unrelated couples of Corallus hortulanus.


I observed. since the middle of December 2021, several matings from both couples.

April – June 2022:

Unexpectedly I lost one of the pregnant females on the 10th of May. She took her last prey on March 1. After that she refused the food that I offered her. That didn’t worry me because she was in the hot spot a lot and her belly started to grow. All signs of a pregnancy.

No idea what caused her death.. She was 12 years old, born in September 2009 and I bought her a month later at Snakeday 2009. She had several litters before.

July – September 2022:

The second female I wanted to breed with this year is pregnant. The colour of her skin darkened over the months. (see the difference with the picture taken during mating (the one upper right) and she is in the hot spot constantly.

It is now the beginning of August and she still accepts small preys. I expect her to give birth somewhere in September.

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