Corallus caninus 2022

I bought my unrelated 1.2 Corallus caninus as juveniles early 2016.
The male is German captive bred and born in November 2015. The females are Dutch captive bred and born in December 2015.

The first breeding attempt was in February 2021; I introduced one of the females to the male. Within minutes the male was interested in her but she was not amused, tried to escape from the terrarium and went eventually down to the floor and stayed there. She even tried to dig herself in. I separated the two the next morning.

After a few days I introduced the other female to the male. This female showed exactly the same behaviour. I separated them too and will wait a while with the next attempt; The females are five years and two months old but clearly still to young to breed with..

January – March 2022:

My animals are 6 years old now. Time for a new breeding attempt.. Probably the females where too young (5 years old at that time) or maybe I introduced the male too late in the mating season?
I introduced the male to the biggest female in December 2021. At the same time I dropped the night temperature during a period of three weeks and I increased the misting.
On the first night of the year I saw a breeding attempt. That’s the way to start a new year…

April – June 2022:

No further matings observed. The female kept eating weekly over the last six months and no change in behaviour observed. I don’t expect her to be pregnant.

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