Bogertophis subocularis 2022

My unrelated “blond phase” couple was born in October/November 2012. I bought them in March 2013.

January – March 2022:

The adult snakes go into winter-rest from November until March.

  • Early October 2021; last feeding
  • Early November; heating off. Temperature down to 18 degrees Celsius
  • Late December;  into winter-rest in a small (darkened) terrarium at a temperature of 10-13 degrees Celsius.
  • Mid January; temperature back to 18 degrees.
  • First of March; heating on. Temperature back to normal.
  • March 9; first feeding

April – June 2022:

I keep my snakes in separate terrariums and only put them together during the mating season.

  • Male introduced to the female from May 31 until June 20
  • Mating (attempts) observed on four occasions.
  • Male again introduced from June 24 until July 3
  • One mating observed

I decided to put my offspring 2021 on sale.

July – September 2022:

After being separated from the male the female accepted food twice.

  • Her last meal (two adult mice) was on July 2.
  • July 25 (56 days after the first mating) she laid 11 eggs in a box with moist sphagnum (that’s what caused the brown markings). The size of the eggs is approximately 4,4 * 3,5 cm.
  • The eggs are inside the incubator at a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius.
  • The incubation-period is about 78 days. Juveniles should hatch around October 11.