Month: October 2021

September 2021

September 21, Corallus hortulanus:

Earlier this year I had two couples Corallus hortulanus in mating. One female is pregnant. Her skin became a darker shade of red, en her belly grew. I find her lying under the hotspot most of the time (see picture).

I’m not sure about the other one. She has difficulty shedding properly which makes it difficult to see if her skin becomes darker. She doesn’t eat and isn’t under the hotspot that often..

September 26, Corallus hortulanus:

I’m still not sure about the second female being pregnant.. She did shed perfectly today. Much to my surprise her colour changed from red to grey.. A few months ago she was just as red as the  female above…

September 28. the Snakeday is coming up..

I made up my mind about which offspring snakes to keep and which ones to sell.

The Snakeday is the only reptile-market where I have a table to sell my offspring. See the Sale page for details.

I decided to sell my Sanzinia Madagascariensis male as I don’t have breeding intentions with this specie.