Month: February 2021

February 2021

February 28, Corallus caninus

My 1.2 Corallus are over five years old now. For the first breeding attempt I introduced one of the females tot the male. Within minutes the male was interested in her but she was not amused, tried to escape from the terrarium and went eventually down to the floor and stayed there. She even tried to dig herself in. I separated the two the next morning.

After a few days I introduced the other female to the male. This female showed exactly the same behaviour. I separated them too and will wait a while with the next attempt

February 18, Corallus hortulanus

All but one of the September 2020 Corallus hortulanus offspring are eating. I am not worried about the last one. He comes out of his shelter and is interested in what’s going on.

I expected it to be a matter of time before this one will accept food as well

(Two days later the first prey was accepted..).


February 12, Bogertophis subocularis

Bogertophis subocularis is out of their winter rest. After two months they are back at room temperature.

I’ll put the heating on in a two weeks time and start feeding them again in the month of March.